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Engineering and Design

Our international engineering team prides itself in providing world class engineering services for all kinds of solar energy solutions. Whether you are looking for a small residential system, or an industrial solution, we treat all of our projects with the same level of detail. All of our systems are rigorously designed and tested with industry standard simulation software.

  • Solar System Simulation Reports

  • Synchronization with existing installations

  • Detailed Engineering Documentation

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We develop projects from beginning to end. Our engineers and consultants are here to help you at any level or in any aspect of your solar energy project. Whether you are interested in installing solar, writing a report, understanding your energy consumption, checking an existing installation, understanding the regulatory framework, we are here to be your partner along the way. Some of our services are:

  • Full EPC for solar projects

  • Energy Consumption Study

  • Sizing of Solar Systems

  • Analysis of current and upcoming regulations

  • Market Analysis

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Discover our solutions

Grid-connected PV System

This system provides substantial savings on electric bills! The solar PV system is interconnected with the electric grid. Uses grid as backup to supply any additional energy requirements.

Hybrid PV System

This system ensures power reliability and backup! The system can cost-effectively combine battery storage, secondary power source such as a diesel generator or wind turbines, and the electric grid.

Standalone PV System

This system can provide electricity access at remote locations where the electricity grid network is not present! The solar PV & battery system is designed to supply all electricity requirements.